Visit All Saints at 151 N. Main, Brooklyn, MI 49230 (517) 592-2244. See map below.

 Welcome to All Saints Episcopal Church

Sunday service starts at 10:30 a.m. followed by coffee and snacks in Foster Hall

ANNUAL MEETING with potluck. Please plan on attending. It’s quick, painless, and fun. Jan. 21st.

MISSING: Anne is missing her large linen tablecloth which was last used for Brian’s funeral. It is off white with ecru stitching on the edges and is a family heirloom. Please check your closets to see if it was taken home to be washed and accidentally tucked into your family’s laundry.

Cole's Sermon

Rev Sandy with closing prayer.

Fr Lew's New Year Eve Sermon

As the year closes, many thanks go out to everyone who helps make All Saints a family. The Altar Guild, the ushers, the music, the E.Ms, those who lead worship services, those who work behind the scenes, and those who sit in the pews. We are all necessary and we all make a difference. 

Church Happenings

Next Bishop’s Committee meets: Jan.28th. Pot Luck after with plenty of food for everybody.

NEW DOOR! There’s a new door in Foster Hall that replaces the old worn-out one. Please take a moment to thank John for getting everything around to make this happen, and Rich and Doreen for their financial contribution. It looks beautiful and should provide us with much-needed savings in the energy bill.

Jan. 6: Grief Recovery with Dr. Stephen Murphy. From 1 to 3 , $25 for eight sessions and includes handouts and books.

Bill Khon broke two sections of 4” thick concrete sidewalk which was a safety hazard, this past week. The hole will be filled in with topsoil, pavers put into place, and then seeded with grass seed come spring.

There are many worthy causes to which you may donate time, food, money, and clothing: Warm the Children, InterFaith Shelter, Food Pantries, Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family. Check with the Community Action Agency for more information on these and many other organizations that work with people in need.

Community Dinner - Jan. 17th:(Third Wed. of every month.) Paul's World Famous Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup by Chef John.

Jan. 17: Community Dinner is chili and cornbread, chicken soup and biscuits. Sign up is on the bulletin board. Please bring ingredients on the Sunday before the dinner so the chefs have them when they are needed; otherwise bring salads and desserts when they come.

St. Michael’s and All Angels has closed the Baby Pantry. Please refer people to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church on US-12 if they are in need of help.

Upcoming Servers:

Jan. 21: Holy Eucharist with Rev. Debby and Paul. ANNUAL MEETING with potluck. Please plan on attending. It’s quick, painless, and fun.
Al-Anon will be holding weekly meetings here on Thursdays starting at 7:30 pm. This is an open group and anyone is welcome to attend.

We have several lay Eucharistic Visitors who are ready and willing to deliver Communion to anyone who requests it. If you know someone please contact Cole to set an appointment.

Youth for Understanding is looking for host families to house foreign exchange students. If you are interested please call 989-777-4420 ext. 4247.

If you need a pledge card or number please see Cole or Harry.
Have a Cool Idea for church-related activities? Contact any BC member or come to one of our meetings.

If you would like to contribute to the alter guild for flowers or candles, please contact Holly or Anne. The guild does not have fundraisers or special monies and so they are dependent on the generosity of individuals like you.

We are using the favorite hymns suggested by several parishioners. If you would like to see one of yours incorporated into the service write down the name and put it on the secretaries desk.

There are several Sundays still available for memorial flowers. Please see Holly or check out the chart in the Guild Hall for details and dates.


All Saints Episcopal Church
151 N. Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230

The Right Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs Jr., Bishop
The Rev. Linda Shafer, Deacon

Cole Seeler, Warden
104 Camelot, Brooklyn, MI 49230

John Messimer, Secretary & Treasurer
517-592-2244 (church) or 517-937-7774 (cell)

Bishop's Committee Members
Sandy Clark   Wanda Muncy
Holly Cogan   Jim Muncy   Anne Schepeler
(Bishop's Committee Meeting is the 4th Sunday of every month)

Worship Leaders
Cole Seeler   John Messimer
Anne Schepeler

Anne Schepeler   John Messimer   Cole Seeler
Wanda Muncy   Paul Newsom

Eucharistic Ministers
Cole Seeler   Anne Schepeler
John Messimer   Paul Newsom

Eucharistic Visitors
Sandy Benes     Cole Seeler
Anne Schepeler   John Messimer

Cole Seeler   Harry Cogan   Jim Muncy