Visit All Saints at 151 N. Main, Brooklyn, MI 49230 (517) 592-2244. See map below.

 Welcome to All Saints Episcopal Church

Important Update

Sunday services begin at 10:30 AM

All church services require following the social distancing and safety protocols as set forth by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

Christmas Service is on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th at 7:30pm

No Christmas Day service.

December 11: Holy Eucharist with George and Cole


December 18: Holy Eucharist with Debby and Cole.

Bishop’s Committee meeting after.

January 1st.: Holy Eucharist with Sandy and Paul.


December 24: Christmas Eve service with Sandy and Paul.

7:30 PM start time. 

Christmas Day: No services.

Bishop's Committee Minutes

151 N. Main Street
Brooklyn, Michigan 49230
November 20, 2022
Bishop’s Committee Minutes
Present: Holly Cogan, Kathy Holmes, Jim and Wanda Muncy, John Messimer. Carolyn Messimer, Jim Holmes and Paul Newsom guests.

I. Opening prayer. John Messimer. Prayers foe Cole Seeler traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana where his brother, Todd is in the hospital.
II. Approval of agenda. Approved unanimously on a motion by Holly second by Jim.
III. Congregational concerns. Christmas Eve. Notices to be sent by email or postal system.
IV. Minutes of previous meeting approved unanimously on a motion by Jim, second by Kathy.
VI. Warden’s report. NA
VII. Building and Grounds.
A.Furnace in church repaired by Brooklyn Plumbing and Heating.
B. Decorative Christmas trees purchased with proceeds from rummage sale.
VIII. New business.
A. Christmas Eve service will be at 7:30 P.M. The Rev. Sandy Benes celebrant.
B. Update on fiber optic installation by Paul Newsom.

IX. Dismissal

Respectfully submitted,

John Messimer, clerk

If someone needs an emergency service such as burial, Last Rites, or emergency Eucharist please call 517-467-9178 and we will help in any way possible.

Yoga at All Saints for Thursday October 20 and 27 and November 3.
Chair yoga at 9:30AM (great for anyone who is new to exercise or has mobility issues)
Yoga on the Mat 10:30 AM (participants need to bring a mat and water to drink)
A nominal donation is accepted- $3-$5 dollars suggested.
Call Shay for more info.


Church Happenings

Al Anon: meets every Thursday at 7:00pm.

Please call 517-789-8883 for more AA or Al Anon information.

Al-Anon will be holding weekly meetings here on Thursdays starting at 7:00 pm. This is an open group and anyone is welcome 

We have several lay Eucharistic Visitors who are ready and willing to deliver Communion to anyone who requests it. If you know someone please contact Cole to set an appointment.


If you need a pledge card or number please see Cole or John.
Have a Cool Idea for church-related activities? Contact any BC member or come to one of our meetings.

If you would like to contribute to the altar guild for flowers or candles, please contact Holly or John. The guild does not have fundraisers or special monies and so they are dependent on the generosity of individuals like you.

There are several Sundays still available for memorial flowers. Please see Holly or check out the chart in the Guild Hall for details and dates.


All Saints Episcopal Church

151 N Main Street, Brooklyn, MI  49230

517-592-2244 (Office)   517-467-9178 (Paul)


The Right Rev. Dr. Bonnie Perry, Bishop


Cole Seeler, Warden

104 Camelot, Brooklyn, MI 49230


Office Admin.

Paul Newsom (acting)

517-592-2244 (Church)   517-467-9178 (Emergency) 

Bishop's Committee Members

Cole Seeler    John Messimer    Holly Cogan

Jim Muncy    Wanda Muncy   Kathy Holmes 

Clerk: John Messimer 

Altar Guild

Holly Cogan   Kathy Holmes   Yvonne Clark 


Cole Seeler   John Messimer   Wanda Muncy

Kathy Holmes   Paul Newsom 

Worship Leaders

Cole Seeler   John Messimer   Paul Newsom 


Jim Muncy  Cole Seeler  Paul Newsom  John Messimer

Zapper Computer Service
Brooklyn, MI


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