Visit All Saints at 151 N. Main, Brooklyn, MI 49230 (517) 592-2244. See map below.

 Welcome to All Saints Episcopal Church

Important Update

Harry Cogan

1928 - 2021

Oct. 3rd.: Holy Eucharist with Rev. Sandy and Paul

Yoga classes every Tuesday at 9 and 11 with Candy Shay. Walk-ins welcome. Zoom is available.

The Pumpkin Quest is in the planning stages. The last several years we have made chocolate covered pretzels, however we are considering whether or not that is wise for this year. Take a bit of time to think about how we can participate and still follow social health protocols.

Ruminating about Rummage: Anne is considering the possibility of having a church rummage sale when health protocols are back to normal. If you would be interested in participating, please let her know.

Forward Day by Day devotionals are here for Aug.-Nov. There is a large print format available if desired.

We are in desperate need of someone to take over the card ministry. Please see Anne or Cole for more information.

Sunday services begin at 10:30 AM

All church services require following the social distancing and safety protocols as set forth by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

If someone needs an emergency service such as burial, Last Rites, or emergency Eucharist please call 248-752-6000 and we will help in any way possible.

Church Happenings

Please remember to keep Marion Campbell in your prayers as she recuperates from hip sur.gery

Al Anon: meets every Thursday at 7:30.

Please call 517-789-8883 for more AA or Al Anon information.

Yoga classes every Tuesday at 9 and 11 with Candy Shay. Walk-ins welcome. Zoom is available.

Al-Anon will be holding weekly meetings here on Thursdays starting at 7:00 pm. This is an open group and anyone is welcome 

We have several lay Eucharistic Visitors who are ready and willing to deliver Communion to anyone who requests it. If you know someone please contact Cole to set an appointment.


If you need a pledge card or number please see Cole or Harry.
Have a Cool Idea for church-related activities? Contact any BC member or come to one of our meetings.

If you would like to contribute to the altar guild for flowers or candles, please contact Holly or Anne. The guild does not have fundraisers or special monies and so they are dependent on the generosity of individuals like you.

There are several Sundays still available for memorial flowers. Please see Holly or check out the chart in the Guild Hall for details and dates.


All Saints Episcopal Church
151 N. Main Street, Brooklyn, MI 49230

The Right Rev. Bonnie Perry, Bishop
The Rev. Linda Shafer, Deacon

Cole Seeler, Warden
104 Camelot, Brooklyn, MI 49230

Anne Schepeler, Secretary & Treasurer
517-592-2244 (church)     248-752-6000 (cell)

John Messimer
517-592-2244 (church) or 517-937-7774 (cell)

Bishop's Committee Members
Wanda Muncy - Cole Seeler - John Messimer - Mollie Wolfe
Holly Cogan  - Jim Muncy - Anne Schepeler - Lori Mckay

Worship Leaders
Cole Seeler    John Messimer
Anne Schepeler

Anne Schepeler   John Messimer   Cole Seeler
Wanda Muncy   Paul Newsom   Kathy Holmes

Eucharistic Ministers
Cole Seeler   Anne Schepeler
John Messimer   Paul Newsom

Alter Guild
Holly Cogan   Marion Campbell
Mollie Wolf   Kathy Holmes   Yvonne Clark

Eucharistic Visitors
Sandy Benes     Cole Seeler
Anne Schepeler     John Messimer

Cole Seeler   Harry Cogan   Jim Muncy

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Brooklyn, MI