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Bishop's Committee Minutes 2023/10/29

                All Saints Episcopal Church

                      151 N. Main Street

                    Brooklyn, Michigan 49230

               Bishop’s Committee Minutes

                       October 29, 2023

Present: Carolyn Messimer, John Messimer, Cole Seeler, Kathy Holmes, Jim Holmes, Bonnie Perry, Holly Cogan, Rhula Mitcheltree, Jann Clemens, Donna Newsom, Paul Newsom, Darlene Hammond, Robert Goldsborough, Jean Schuefelt and Clarence Schuefelt.

I.           Opening prayer. Cole Seeler.

II.         Approval of agenda. No changes.

III.      Welcome Bishop Perry. Bishop Bonnie Perry was welcomed on her annual visit to All Saints. She offered to return for Ash Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

IV.      Congregational concerns. None presented.

V.         Minutes of previous meeting. Unanimously approved on a motion by Robert, second by Kathy.

VI.      Treasurer’s report.

a.Balance $6798.16, all bills paid as of October 29, 2023.

b.Bank Michigan sent an account reconciliation showing balances for the fiscal year.

   VII. Warden’s report.

a.  Diocesan convention report. Cole elected to diocesan Disciplinary Committee. John was appointed to the Standing Committee by Bishop Perry. John and Cole met with candidates for ordination for introductions and comments. Bishop Perry was recognized for her outstanding application of the Robert’s Rules of Order at the convention business meeting.

VII.    Building and Grounds. John reported that he and Robert had finished staining the parish hall ramp deck. Will attempt the church ramp deck weather permitting. John suggested that better lighting be placed in the sanctuary. Donna Newsom had some suggestions.

VIII.  New Business. The Brooklyn Food Pantry contacted Cole and requested a meeting to establish the food pantry in All Saint’s parish hall. A one year contract was suggested and canon JoAnn Hardy of the Diocese said she would prepare a one year lease. A vote by the congregation needed to approve the arrangement. On a motion by Clarence and a second by Robert to enter into a one year contract with the Brooklyn Food Pantry the vote was unanimous to approve.

IX.       Dismissal. No further business presented. The meeting was dismissed by Cole Seeler, Senior Warden.

Respectfully submitted,

John Messimer, clerk

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