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Bishop's Committee Minutes 2024/01/21

All Saints Episcopal Church

Brooklyn, Michigan 49230

January 21, 2024

Bishop’s Committee Minutes

Present: Cole Seeler, Paul Newsom, Holly Cogan, Robert Goldsborough,

Cathy Holmes, Jim Holmes, Neal Willing, Debby Semon-Scott, Carolyn

Messimer and John Messimer.

I. Opening Prayer. Cole Seeler

II. Approval of Agenda. Ok

III. Congregational Concerns. None presented.

IV. Minutes of December Meeting. Approved unanimously on a motion

by Cathy, second by Holly.

V. Treasurer’s Report. Balance $5,578.44 all bills paid.

VI. Warden’s Report.

a. Ash Wednesday February 14, service with Bishop Perry at


b. Annual Meeting next Sunday, January 28, 2024.

VII. Building and Grounds. Contractor submitted hourly rate bid but not

material bid for window replacement.

VIII. New business. Paul suggested having a Santa day at All Saints

with a community luncheon, next year.


Respectfully submitted,

John Messimer, clerk

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